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Mailing Address 

Queen Maddyn 

765 Berger Rd

West TX 76691

Have a Question or want to Chat?
Email us at

Business Hours
Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm cst

Phone Number  - (254) 523-8222


Newborn ~ 5 - 8 lbs Up to 21in
0/3 Months ~ 8 - 16 lbs Up to 24 in
3/6 Months ~ 18 - 24 lbs Up to 30 In

One size - 27.5 in x 35.5 in

-Ladies Robes
Will fit Right above the knee and 3/4 sleeve length 
Length 36 in 

Where do you ship from?
We are located in Waco TX

What Material is your products?
-All our amazing products are made out of a mixture of Spandex & Polyester blended together. The soft & smoothness is perfect for new baby skin. It will not shrink or fade. Can be washed and dried. 
-Queen Wraps are made out of Nylon
-BowRaps & Bibs are made out of Cotton

What is your turn around time?
- Our products take 3-5 buisness days.